I learned that i still have a lot to learn.

101 SESSIONS are all about changing your mindset on “How to” be the better version of your business-self. We will aim to inspire, educate and motivate you through your business/brand journey. By offering, informative sessions to keep your brain ticking and creative ideas flowing in order to aide you in your success. 


All sessions are tailored to you and your specific area/topic of choice i.e. How to create a business plan, How to launch XX product etc. 


Through our 101 SESSIONS if possible, we will aim to link you up for a live Q&A with a suited industry professional that can be interlinked with your session for meet and great to gain further insight and advice of their journey to success. 


Structured programme to focus on personal development growth, advice and 1-2-1 time to uncover experience, knowledge and motivation through thought provoking conversation and challenges, but most importantly a support system to help you achieve your goals and keep you centred.

The programme is tailored around your Personal Development Plan. Core values of the Mentorship Programme is to be your mentor and give you 1-2-1 guidance on how to better learn and understand the key credentials to being a productive and successful entrepreneur. Gaining first-hand agency knowledge you will develop your skills ready to tackle any obstacle on your entrepreneurial journey.



Thank you sooo much for organising our Final session Q&A with
NUE Makeup, we're so excited as to how good and productive of a session again it was. Lynette and I have an even clearer direction as to how to set up our next steps and we can't wait to continue to develop our cosmetic line. 

Tosin | 101 SESSION - Business Plan & Product Launching | Lotte Beauty

I honestly can't thank you enough for your patience, time and knowledge. I always knew the basics of Project Management but never had Agency expirence. Your methods of work and insight has really challenged me and helped me develop further as a professional. You're a star!

Alicia | 90 Day Mentorship - Development of Project Management & additional skills